The idea of the Collaborative Platform « Patient Numérique » dedicated to Collaboration, Exchange and Education between HealthCare Professionals whatever their horizons can be, is to address important questions that came to light within the course of the seminar “Digital Patient and Nomadic Computing” that we held in October 2011.

At that point, we mostly focus on the development of the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and on its various impacts on the common functioning of the Healthcare Ecosystem as a whole.
We already anticipate that our collaborative work will evaluate thanks to our preparation work during the coming 2012 seminar that will raise new topics and new questions!

At that point our User.Net is composed by 22 hospitals from Belgium, France and the Luxembourg.

OZConsulting team under the leadership of Prof. Thierry Vermeeren will coordinate this network, publish related white books (10 yearly), and setup a collaborative portal as well as a private linkedin group. Based on the GULL model from the freeware software world, we will slowly move to a knowledge factory.

Grand Hôpital de Charleroi
Centre Hospitalier universitaire de Liège
Centre Hospitalier Epicura
Hôpital Erasme - Clinique Universitaire de Bruxelles
Centre Hospitalier Régional de la CITADELLE
Clinique Saint-Jean asbl
Clinique Notre Dame de Grâce - Gosselies
Centre Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde
Groupe Hospitalier La Ramée Fond'Roy

NEWS Patient Numérique, Quelle stratégie DPI adopter ? Mono solution, Multi solution ou complètement intégrée.

Goupe Jolimont from Haine-Saint-Paul joins the User.Net

Cliniques de L’Europe from Brussels joins the User.Net