We can work under different schemes:

1. as an “interim manager” to take over towards all stakeholders the full authority to propose, make and implement the necessary changes when the management is changing, absent, focused on other items or less experienced for managing such kind of situations. This brings within the organization within a very short period of time experienced managers with the necessary authority, control, flexibility and adaptability to make the changes happen.

2. as a “supportive resource” within the company for a defined mission or assignment when the management does not have the necessary resources within the company to reach a set of objectives, have a project managed or have decisions implemented. This allows the management to relieve itself from a specific exceptional burden and to concentrate on its other objectives or tasks.

3. as a “sounding board resource” alongside with the management to support it, advise it, challenge it, act as a sounding board for certain decisions and to intervene on demand on specific items. This allows the management to get access to outside management reference scheme and to think and act out-of-the box. It may be at board level as an independent director or at an executive level as consultant.